Growing Alfalfa Sprouts

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Growing Alfalfa Sprouts is an easy process and can be very rewarding! You only need one simple piece of equipment: A one-quart mason jar with a stocking or cheesecloth stretched over the top and secured with a string, rubber band, or metal ring. You can grow alfalfa sprouts with this one jar in 6 easy steps!

Place 2 tablespoons of sprout seeds in the jar and cover with room-temperature water. The jar should only be about a quarter of the way filled. Soak the seeds overnight.

Drain the jar after soaking the seeds. Do not remove the cheesecloth or stocking, just let the water drain out through it. The seeds will be wet and will tend to cling to the insides of the jar. Roll the jar around, shake it a bit, until the insides of the jar are covered in seeds, allowing the seeds to spread out along the insides of the jar so that they can be exposed to the air. The air temperature should be between 70˚-80˚F for maximum results.

Rinse the seeds twice a day. This is important for keeping bacteria, and fungus out of the seeds as they grow. After you pour water into the jar (through the stocking or cheesecloth), repeat step 2.

At this point, your sprouts will begin to grow and may fill their original jar. If this happens, simply put half of the seeds into another quart-sized mason jar, cover with cheesecloth, and continue the process!

5. SUN
After 5-6 days, once the sprouts are the desired size, spread them out and put them in direct sunlight for 15-25 minutes. This will allow the green shoots to appear

After the sprouts look like you want them to, finish draining, dry them, and store in an airtight container in the refrigerator for several days. Enjoy!

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  1. Yogi Bear

    This is my first time comment at your blog. Good recommended website. Sprouts are awesome!!!

  2. Emily

    I love growing sprouts! They are so tasty and nutritious in my breakfast sandwich and this article was a great read. Thank you! :-)

  3. Ming

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  4. Bev

    Hi, it’s a great article. I really love growing sprouts!

    I love adding sprouts to my salads, sandwiches, veggie wraps, stir fries, soups and as a garnish. Sometimes, I sneak a small handful of alfalfa or red clover sprouts into my smoothies as their flavor can’t be detected once blended.

    Though the initial costs of sprouters and seeds can be a little steep, the cost per batch of sprouts is quite low and much more economical than the cost of buying wilted, gross sprouts at your local grocer.

  5. Troy

    Hi, it’s a great article, and good info. Have you tried sprouting for smoothies? Sounds weird, but very tasty and nutritious!

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  7. Jackie Smolski

    Sick and tired of feeling sick and tired? A raw foods diet can put you on top of the world! Sprouts are a yummy way to ingest more raw foods – the nutrients are up to 50 times the actual vegetable it grows into when it is still a sprout! And great dietary fibre too. My link gives info on growing sprouts at home, so you can grow your own superfoods inside, no soil needed!

  8. Ronald Jung

    I was originally looking for information on what to plant in my fruit garden. I’m not sure how but Google showed your blog and I found it might be worth reading so I decided to read it. I am happy I did because I came away with something to think about.

  9. admin

    Thanks Ronald, your blog on growing tomatoes upside down is relevant to growing sprouts indoors – more raw foods that you know are organic because you grew them yourself! And no need for a garden either (although they are good too)! Thanks for your comment!

  10. Ben Drovin

    Growing sprouts for your health is brilliant! The nutrients are out of this world… I have a whole list of types of sprouts to start with, in my link.

  11. Clinton Dolder

    Why don’t you check out my link to find out how to grow sprouts without daily rinsing?!

  12. Stevie Hardinson

    Hey, I grow alfalfa sprouts too. Far better than the shop bought stuff that has lost a heap of nutrients from sitting on the shelf!

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    Thank you for another good post. I haven’t sprouted in awhile now… I should get back into it, they are just so much better than store bought!!

  16. Kirk Corrie

    Hey, plant based whole foods are so good for you, aren’t they? I’m not a veggie, but I’m always on the lookout for great healthy foods, so you’all aughter get sprouting! :-)

  17. Ollie Seta

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  18. Tim Schnarr

    You should try juicing alfalfa sprouts. Mix with orange and apple juice (fresh of course) for a REALLY nutritious and yummy drink…

  19. Garrett Nulty

    Have you seen my link to an article on “Sprouts as Medicine”? It’s the benefit of an alkaline environment that can get the body healing itself, as double Nobel Prize winner Dr Otto Warburg shows.

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  23. Yolande Starcic

    Alfalfa is great for 99.9999% of people, however it can aggravate systematic lupus erythematosis, an inflammatory disease. So unless you have this, you should be pretty right with alfalfa.

  24. Josephine Worner

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