How to Start Sprouting Sprouts

Posted on June 7th, 2010 by admin in Growing Sprout Tips

To start sprouting sprouts, you must first measure out the total amount of seed you wish to use. Look for broken seeds, pieces of twig, weed seed, stones and so forth as these must be removed. Though this step can usually be skipped, rinsing the seed is advised. Soak the seeds overnight and sluice once more. Put the seed in an environment conducive to sprouting such as a jar or a piece of cloth.

If you wish to go the way of the jar, be sure to buy a wide-mouthed canning jar. These can be found in just about any hardware store. You can buy screen lids made of plastic webbing or opt for screens that are specifically designed for just this purpose. Put seed in jar, add enough water so seed can soak, rinse 2-3 times a day and tightly screw the lid on. Keep the jar out of direct sunlight.

If cloth is more your fancy, it would be best to use a washcloth(s) made of 100% light-colored cotton. Find a flat-bottom bowl or dish and line it with the wet piece of cotton. Spread the seed atop the wet material and, if large enough, fold it over to cover the seed or, if too small, place a second wet cloth on top of it. Sprinkle water ever 12 hours to keep the pieces of cloth moist. Don’t be afraid to remove the seeds and rinse the material under a faucet to achieve maximum wetness if for whatever reason your cloths become too dry. Just replace the seed and cover once more to continue the process of sprouting.

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